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Get the smile you’ve always wanted

Cosmetic dentistry is about giving you the smile you want

The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that we have decades of research and development behind us. The aim of cosmetic dentistry is a great smile, an increase in self-confidence and optimum oral health.

At Orchard Dental we have a range of cosmetic dentistry options to suit your needs. Our range of cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, veneers and tooth straightening.

Our teeth whitening services can be done either in the practice in the dental chair or at home with a take home kit. Our veneers and tooth straightening are completed in the dental chair.

Teeth grinding is not an uncommon problem

If you or your partner find that you grind your teeth, or if you wake up with sensitive teeth then you may need to visit your dentist

Grinding your teeth can lead to a host of problems and may cause unnecessary wear of your teeth and jaw problems.

At Orchard Dental we have the solution…

There is also the possibility that grinding your teeth was an old habit that you have since overcome. At Orchard Dental we have a way of testing to see if your grinding habit is from the past or present. This will avoid unnecessary devices if they are not required.

Do you play a contact sport and are worried about your mouth?

A mouthguard can be the difference between a healthy mouth and a lifetime of expensive problems

You may risk the health and appearance of your teeth by playing a contact sport without a mouthguard or by using a cheap boil and bite mouthguard that offers minimal protection. The right protection can be the difference between a serious dental injury and just a few bruises.

We can offer you a custom-made mouthguard that will ensure the safety of your smile.

At Orchard Dental we have a range of mouthguards for you and your children…

At Orchard Dental we offer a range of colours and styles to suit everyone’s needs.

There is no need to fear Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes our body and our efforts don’t always guarantee our oral health

Did you know that your teeth can get infected in such a way that your body cannot heal itself? It is a condition of oral health that we see often at Orchard Dental, but there is a treatment that can help solve this issue without having to lose your tooth.

Nerve treatment…

The aim of this treatment is to remove the tooth infection and clean out the tooth. The benefit of this is that it we can prevent the need for tooth extraction.  The process involves numbing the tooth for comfort and cleaning out the tooth.

You may require a crown after the root canal is completed, to strengthen the tooth.

Get ‘em while they’re young

The earlier a child comes to the dentist the better

Ideally, it is beneficial to bring your child to the dentist after the appearance of their first milk (primary) tooth. This allows a dentist to get a look at the alignment of the child’s jaw and to ensure the developing health of the their teeth and gums.

They also become comfortable with the dentist and get to know the dental surgery as a kind and friendly environment. The last thing a child wants is to be rushed into an unknown place with an emergency and be frightened.

Education is the key…

At Orchard Dental we believe it is imperative that a child is educated about looking after the health of their teeth from an early age.

When you bring your child for a check-up at Orchard Dental we make the experience fun! We even provide music and television during treatment. At the completion of treatment, your child will receive an oral health pack (which includes a themed toothbrush, toothpaste, activity book and crayons) to encourage good oral hygiene at home.

We create a comfortable environment so that children have positive associations with the dentist.

To discover more about our children’s dental services, or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The natural tooth is best. But sometimes it’s got to go

It would be great if we could all keep our teeth but sometimes it just isn’t possible

Many dentists (ourselves included) will tell you that your natural teeth are best. But as dentists, we also recognise that sometimes they can become damaged beyond repair and can cause further problems.

Tooth extractions are no longer a painful process. In order to make this procedure as painless as possible, one of our skilled dentists will numb the tooth prior to extraction. We use numbing cream followed by anaesthetic. We make the process as comfortable as possible so you gain the best dental care in a pain-free environment.

Out with the old, in with the new

Are your old fillings giving you trouble?

Thanks to advances in dentistry modern fillings are safer and mercury free. Sometimes old fillings need replacement; they may have cracked, fallen out or simply succumbed to time.

At Orchard Dental we use the best in modern materials available for fillings. Modern dental fillings come in a range of shades that are matched to your natural tooth colour and are easily moulded so they are virtually invisible.

Everyone’s mouth is different and that is why we offer different types of fillings to suit your needs.

Recent studies link heart disease and strokes to gum disease

Gum disease can lead to systemic diseases.

Plaque and bacteria build-up, that cause gum disease, can travel through your body and effect other body organs. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to look after your oral health.

At Orchard Dental we professionally clean your teeth to successfully remove any plaque and tartar. With this professional clean we are able to help you prevent gum disease and dental decay, which can be devastating to your oral health. We also highly encourage oral hygiene for children so they can maintain healthy smiles for life.

Regular visits to the dentist can do wonders for your oral health

By going to your dentist regularly you reduce the chance of oral health problems down the track.

At Orchard Dental we recommend that you visit us twice a year. Regular check-ups can help detect dental problems early and reduce future expense. As you may already be aware, our examinations are very thorough to ensure no issues are left unnoticed.

Six monthly cleans are a very important part of dental health, they help prevent gum infections and periodontal disease. It is well established that there are direct links between periodontal disease and many systemic diseases, including heart disease.

Examinations also include oral cancer and oral disease assessment. When detected early, these medical problems can be treated with better prognosis. 6 monthly examinations will ensure your mouth’s health is checked regularly.

We perform x-rays of your teeth every two years as part of your examinations to ensure that there is no decay hiding where we can’t see it. We use digital x-rays that are very low in dosage and are developed in less than two minutes.

One of our skilled practitioners or Hygienist will also show you some helpful tips of preventive oral care that will help you maintain your natural healthy smile.

For more information on our general dentistry, or if you have any other inquires please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it Time to give your Teeth a Squeaky Clean?

Regular professional cleans are key to maintaining the health and beauty of your smile…

At Orchard Dental located in Beecroft, we recommend that our patients visit our practice at least once every six months for an oral health check-up and a professional clean. At our family dental practice we can provide professional cleaning services for both children and adults.

Our professional cleaning services for adults involves:

A full mouth calculus removal with ultrasonic handscaler and hand cleaning. This is followed by polishing of all tooth surfaces and fluoride treatment.

Our professional cleaning services for children involves:

Tartar removal with an ultrasonic handscaler and hand cleaning. This is followed by polishing of all tooth surfaces and Fluoride treatment.

To discover more about our professional cleaning services, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Beecroft, please contact us.

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