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    Why do I need Regular Checkups?

    Regular check-ups can help detect dental problems early and reduce future dental expense. Our examinations are very thorough to ensure no issues are left unnoticed. Six monthly cleans are a very important part of dental health, and help prevent gum and bone infections.

    Contact us today for a thorough consultation with the Orchard Dental team.

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    What type of Fillings do you use, and how do I know if I need a replacement?

    Modern white fillings are the treatment of choice. The fillings set in seconds with high-intensity light and the surface is then polished to a smooth finish.

    Contact us if you are in need of a filling.

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    What are Extractions?

    Unfortunately teeth can not always be saved and need to be removed. After the tooth is completely numbed it is loosened and removed without pain.

    Contact us the team at Orchard Dental today if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort with your teeth.

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    What Dental Care can you provide for my children?

    Children’s examinations involve a full mouth check-up of all teeth. It includes checking for decay, oral hygiene, eruption dates, occlusion, crowding, fissure sealants and tonsil enlargement. For our little patients we provide gentle treatment, music and television in the chair to ensure they have a joyful experience at the Dentist!

    Contact us today to book in your children for a visit.

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    I’m experiencing pain in my tooth, do I need Root Canal Treatment?

    If you’re experiencing pain when chewing, facial swelling or sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, you need to have the tooth examined. In some circumstanced, the nerve of the tooth may have become infected and a Root Canal Treatment can help save the tooth. Root Canal Treatment is a process of disinfection to restore the tooth to function without pain.

    If you are experiencing similar symptoms Contact us at Orchard Dental today.

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    What are Sports Mouthguards used for?

    Mouthguards prevent damage to your children’s teeth from trauma while playing sport. Teeth are at risk of breaking or chipping during high-contact sports. Custom made mouthguards have a thick protective layer that absorbs the impact and leaves the teeth intact after a trauma. They can be made in multiple colours.

    Contact us today to ensure the safety of your child’s teeth!

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    What are Grinding Splints?

    Grinding Splits are devices worn at night for those who suffer from tooth grinding. The splint is moulded from acrylic and fits over the upper or lower teeth. By preventing this grinding, we are also preventing cracking and wearing of teeth and in some situations, jaw pain.

    Contact us if you suffer from grinding or jaw pain.

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    What Cosmetic Dentistry do you provide?

    Our Cosmetic Treatments include:
    ● Pola Office Chair Whitening
    ● Poladay Take Home Whitening system
    ● Composite Veneers
    ● Tooth Allignment

    Contact us to make an appointment to have whiter and brighter teeth today!

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    I have an emergency concern with my teeth, can you help?

    Yes, we provide emergency dental treatment so you can ensure you are not in pain for long.

    Contact us if you have any Emergencies with:
    ● Cracked, chipped or broken teeth
    ● Swelling or pain in your teeth and gums
    ● Dental concerns

    Contact us at Orchard Dental today to ensure your emergency is treated swiftly.

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