Regular visits to the dentist can do wonders for your oral health

July 22, 2013

By going to your dentist regularly you reduce the chance of oral health problems down the track.

At Orchard Dental we recommend that you visit us twice a year. Regular check-ups can help detect dental problems early and reduce future expense. As you may already be aware, our examinations are very thorough to ensure no issues are left unnoticed.

Six monthly cleans are a very important part of dental health, they help prevent gum infections and periodontal disease. It is well established that there are direct links between periodontal disease and many systemic diseases, including heart disease.

Examinations also include oral cancer and oral disease assessment. When detected early, these medical problems can be treated with better prognosis. 6 monthly examinations will ensure your mouth’s health is checked regularly.

We perform x-rays of your teeth every two years as part of your examinations to ensure that there is no decay hiding where we can’t see it. We use digital x-rays that are very low in dosage and are developed in less than two minutes.

One of our skilled practitioners or Hygienist will also show you some helpful tips of preventive oral care that will help you maintain your natural healthy smile.

For more information on our general dentistry, or if you have any other inquires please do not hesitate to contact us.

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