Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry allows your dental procedures to be more comfortable than ever thought possible…

Sleep Dentistry eliminates the fear, anxiety and discomfort that burdens some patients in the dental chair.

Sleep Dentistry is a step above Happy Gas, for patients who want no awareness of their surroundings whatsoever and no memory of their procedure.

What can sleep dentistry do?
With sleep dentistry, sights, sounds, smells, as well as pain are lost.

How is Sleep Dentistry Administered?

How is Sleep Dentistry Administered?
A qualified Medical Anaesthetist administers medication to you, throughout your treatment, while your dentist is at work.

Who can benefit from Sleep Dentistry?
• People who fear needles
• People who have a low pain threshold
• People deterred by the noises, smells, tastes and the thought of pain with dental treatment
• People who have had traumatic experiences with dentistry in the past
• People who have complex dental problems and/or need long sessions of treatment

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