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Quick! It’s a dental emergency!

Is not a phrase that is heard all that often, but one that can mean the difference between keeping a tooth and losing it forever…

Accidents can happen and there are times when it is imperative that you get to the dentist as soon as possible.

It’s called an emergency for a reason…

At Orchard Dental we know that when you have a dental emergency you want it solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why we have set up a special after-hours function with our phones.

If it is urgent (and cannot wait until the morning) you can call the practice to be transferred to our dentist’s mobile phone. This way you get a personal service when you need it.

Got a tooth emergency?

At Orchard Dental in Beecroft we understand the panic and anxiety that can come from dental emergencies, especially when you don’t know who to call!

That is why we offer emergency dental services where we will treat you promptly and efficiently to ensure you experience the least amount of pain possible.

At Orchard Dental, we are emergency dentists and specifically set aside emergency appointments every day to ensure emergency patients are seen to.

For more information on our emergency dental services, please contact us.

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